The Voomerr Signup allows users to create a new account on Voomerr platform. This accepts user information such as email, password, first name, phone number, device ID, device type, login type, username, currency, and FCM token.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Signup endpoint is POST

Request Parameters #

The following parameters are required to create a new user account:

Parameter Type Required Description
email string Yes The email address of the user.
password string Yes The password for the new account.
first_name string Yes The first name of the user.
phone_number string Yes The phone number of the user.
device_id string Yes The ID of the device the user is signing up from.
device_type string Yes The type of device the user is signing up from.
login_type string Yes The type of login the user is using.
username string Yes The username for the new account.
currency string Yes The currency the user is signing up with.
fcm_token string Yes The FCM token of the user’s device.

Example Request #


"email": "",
"password": "password123",
"first_name": "John",
"phone_number": "+1 123-456-7890",
"device_id": "device123",
"device_type": "Android",
"login_type": "Email",
"username": "johndoe",
"currency": "USD",
"fcm_token": "token123"

Response #

The response from the API will contain a JSON object with the following fields:

Field Type Description
success boolean Whether the request was successful or not.
message string A message describing the result of the request.

If the request is successful, the ‘success’ field will be ‘true’, and the ‘message’ field will contain a success message. If the request fails, the ‘success’ field will be ‘false’, and the ‘message’ field will contain an error message.

Example Response #

"success": true,
"message": "Account created successfully."

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