Get Service Details

This API endpoint allows the user to retrieve the service details based on the user’s location and district, along with the currency they prefer to use for transactions.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Get Service Details endpoint is GET

Request Parameters #

Parameter Data Type Required Description
user_id integer Yes The unique identifier of the user.
district_id integer Yes The unique identifier of the district.
currency string Yes The preferred currency of the user.
latitude float Yes The latitude of the user’s current location.
longitude float Yes The longitude of the user’s current location.

Response Parameters #

Parameter Data Type Description
service_id integer The unique identifier of the service.
service_name string The name of the service.
service_description string The description of the service.
service_image string The URL of the service image.
service_price float The price of the service in the user’s preferred currency.
service_currency string The currency of the service.
service_rating float The rating of the service.
service_review_count integer The total number of reviews for the service.
service_distance float The distance of the service from the user’s current location.

Request Example #


Response Example #

"status": "success",
"services": [
"service_id": 1,
"service_name": "Example Service",
"service_description": "This is an example service.",
"service_image": "",
"service_price": 10.0,
"service_currency": "USD",
"service_rating": 4.5,
"service_review_count": 10,
"service_distance": 5.6
"service_id": 2,
"service_name": "Another Service",
"service_description": "This is another example service.",
"service_image": "",
"service_price": 20.0,
"service_currency": "USD",
"service_rating": 3.5,
"service_review_count": 5,
"service_distance": 7.8

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