Get Favourite Gigs

This API endpoint allows you to retrieve the favorite gigs of a user.

Endpoint #

The Voomerr Get Favorite Gigs endpoint is GET

Request Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
user_id string Required. The ID of the user whose favorite gigs you want to retrieve.
currency string Required. The currency code you want the prices to be returned in (e.g. USD)

Response Parameters #

The response from the API will be in JSON format and will contain the following fields:

Field Type Description
success boolean Indicates whether the API call was successful or not.
message string A message that provides information about the status of the API call.
gig_count integer The total number of favorite gigs returned.
gigs array An array of favorite gig objects. Each object contains information about a single favorite gig.
Each gig object in the ‘gigs’ array will contain the following fields: #
Field Type Description
gig_id string The ID of the favorite gig.
gig_name string The name of the favorite gig.
gig_image string The URL of the image for the favorite gig.
gig_location string The location of the favorite gig.
gig_price object An object that contains information about the price of the favorite gig.
is_favorite boolean Indicates whether the gig is a favorite of the user making the API call or not.
The ‘gig_price’ object will contain the following fields: #
Field Type Description
amount float The price of the gig.
currency string The currency code in which the price is expressed.
duration string The duration of the gig.
distance string The distance from the gig location to the user.

Example Request #


Example Response #

"success": true,
"message": "Favorite gigs retrieved successfully.",
"gig_count": 2,
"gigs": [
"gig_id": "123456",
"gig_name": "Pizza delivery",
"gig_image": "",
"gig_location": "123 Main St, Anytown",
"gig_price": {
"amount": 15.0,
"currency": "USD",
"duration": "30 min",
"distance": "5 km"
"is_favorite": true
"gig_id": "789012",
"gig_name": "Dog walking",
"gig_image": "",
"gig_location": "456 Maple Ave, Anytown",
"gig_price": {
"amount": 20.0,
"currency": "USD",
"duration": "1 hour",
"distance": "10 km"
"is_favorite": true

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